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      We can provide storage capacity for short term basis as well as for longer periods, depending on your requirements. We can provide warehousing facilities to safely store your goods in a clean, safe environment.

  • Short Term Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Safety of Goods

Short Term Storage

      We can provide the facilities for short terms storage of goods. This is a temporary phase while the final settlement of goods are done at your place. We can also provide for facilities where the goods are to be stored over night or during the transit for a short term.

Long Term Storage

      This is normally when the client is looking for storage of his goods for longer durations like more than a month or so. In this case the duration of storage is pre-defined. The contract for the same is created and the contract needs to be renewed and re-confirmed once it is expired. The storage place can be utilized for all declared goods as specified in the contract.

Safety of Goods

      We ensure complete safety of goods. We take utmost care of your valuable goods in our warehouses and storages spaces. We handle all kinds of goods storage efficiently. We provide 24 hour security on our ware house. We can provide you safe and quality storage space for your goods.

  • 24 Hours security facility
  • Moisture Free Atmosphere
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